wtorek, 9 marca 2010

My Dreams: Golden Night

Golden Night

Once I dreamed that it had contact with beings of another planet, who had form of reptiles. Well, tonight I dreamed again about these beings, they said to me that this was not a dream but that he was real. They took me planet to another, this star was very great, 800 times greater than the Earth. Already in its planet, I was in a place very different from the Earth. In addition, I had another clothes, a dress made of diamonds and precious stones. The floor of this planet was of a blue color and was done of a stone very hard. There were very strange constructions, were like strengths. I said to him to one of the extraterrestrial ones who its planet was very beautiful. Soon I asked its name to him, and it responded to me: "My name is Azizi, and here in this planet we have our own language, in addition we did not use system of writing, single the mind". Later I asked to him: How it is the life here, and it responded to me: "Here single one works with the mind, your hands do not have to do nothing, thinks about which you want and one will be fulfilled. You can change of form or of color, you can imaginarte be younger and automatically it becomes reality. Here there isn’t factories nor no contamination. Our ships are constructed with another type of technology. In addition we did not ingest foods here. We breathed energy and that is our food". The form of life in this planet surprised much to me. He was much more advanced that the Earth. Also it said to me that the Earth was dying and that it depended on the human beings in saving it. And that few are the people who are invited to know this new planet. It said to me that I was one of the chosen ones. And that could bring to my family and my friends to live in this planet. Soon they returned me to my bed, they took leave saying to me Until Soon, and finally I awoke.

Krystyna Lucyna Obrzut De Rosales

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