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Żałoba Narodowa

Secret Photos of Poland

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The Queen Krysia and the Linen Forest

The Queen Krysia and the Linen Forest
Krysia was a young and very beautiful queen who reigned the city of Linen, a gigantic and surrounded city by a thick forest of immense trees. In addition in the center to this city there was a very beautiful and crystalline lake. The settlers of this city lived and harmony peacefully. Most of them they worked in the field, seeding and harvesting diverse plants and vegetables. Others were retailers and traveled from city to city to sell the products that the city of Linen offered. A day queen Krysia went away to take a walk to the forest. While she walked saw beautiful flowers of different colors, but soon she saw that some of these were dead. She continued walking until one was a group of sprocket wheels. One of the sprocket wheels fixedly watched Krysia, and recognizing it said it to him: - My more warm greetings for you queen Krysia, the animals of this forest we are in favor very glad of its visit, but we wanted that it helps us with a problem that we have. When the retailers cross this way always problems for many animals mistreat many plants causing that we lived in this place. We wanted that the retailers go by another way of the forest - Queen Krysia after to have listened the sprocket wheel said to him that she herself was going to solve the problem.
On the following day the queen ordered the retailers who cross by a way different from the forest, besides to give a message to all the settlers of the city: “To always take care of to the nature because of her we were born and in her we lived".
The retailers asked excuses the queen and promised to cross by another way of the forest. And from that day, all the animals of the forest lived and tranquillity peacefully.
The End
Krystyna Obrzut

wtorek, 6 kwietnia 2010

My Dreams: The Golden City

The Golden City
One night I dreamed that I was in a lake surrounds to a house in the field. It was beautiful, but two people appeared and they said to me that I leaves the lake and that crosses a mountain that indicated. I was and crossed the mountain that was very high.
When crossing all the mountain I saw an immense beach. The sun shone, and much heat ago. The water of this beach was liquid gold. It was a mixture of gold with water.
I approached the beach much more, I entered the sea and my body was transformed into a virtual form. I watched myself and I was surprised. Soon, the water a great lion left.
Later I woke up.
This dream with the life of the man can be compared. The lake symbolizes the state in which is a person, the mountain is the obstacle that is due to cross for being able to arrive at the objective. The gold sea is the wealth and the lion is the wisdom.

My Dreams: Happiness Pearls

Happiness Pearls
Today, I had a beautiful dream. I dreamed that I come out from my house, I finded many pearls in the corridor. Very beautiful great pearls, had many pearls, almost a ton of pearls. I walk upon them, I couldn’t to pass for the corridor, because don’t any where space. I was very happy by seeing many pearls. Soon, a ghost appeared and said to me that the pearls were a gift for me.
This dream have a great meaning for me.

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My Memories: Bucharest, Romania, Autumn of 1980

Bucharest, Romania, Autumn of 1980
I traveled to Romania of vacations. I was in Bucharest, was afternoon like the 18:00 p.m.. A friend said me to go to the commercial center because he had to buy some things to eat. I accompanied him and we were with street car until the commercial center.
There I said to him that I would wait for him while he was going to buy. I was thirty minutes hoping. I went to a park in where there was not much people. There strange mountains appeared to me. Each mountain had a height of 6 meters approximately. It was like a city. I walked and I entered myself between mountains. Soon I saw that in the top of each mountain there was a house with lights. I asked myself who would live in those houses, because there were stairs no to be able to arrive at the top of each mountain. I did not saw people there. Everything was of white color by the snow that fell. I wanted to follow there but my friend was hoping to me. So I was from there.
I told to my friend the happened thing him and when I took him to the place, but the mountains no were. It was a quite strange event. For a long time I kept the secret, but now I am counting it.

Carnivals in Peru

Carnivals in Peru
I tell you about the carnivals that I celebrated the last month. The carnival during three Sundays. There was a celebration of disguises in the park by where I live.
The first Sunday, I disguised myself with the typical clothes of Poland, in addition it sings some Polish songs.
It was a very glad celebration, with gifts for the children. The best disguises gained prizes.
To people it liked much my clothes and the Polish songs. I felt well by knowledge that was people whom it liked the Polish culture.
I wanted to return to Poland, that country is very beautiful. I remember when I walked by full forests of pines, with very precious flowers.
Someday I will return to my native country.

Significado de Krystyna

Significado de Krystyna

La que tiene el pensamiento
claro. De origen latino.

Es de fuerte personalidad, racional
y de gran sentido común. Es
conversadora y sociable. Siempre
pone todo su empeño para
lograr lo que quiere.

Es romántica y fiel.

5 de Diciembre (Santa Cristina).
13 de Marzo (Santa Cristina).

Personas celebres:
Cristina (reina de Suecia 1632-1654).
Christine de Pisan (escritora).

Conocidos y famosos:
Chris Evert (tenista).

Naturaleza Emotiva:
Naturaleza emotiva vehemente. Se manifiesta en la expresión artística, las cosas del honor y las del humor. Ama el color, las proporciones y el ánimo alegre. Le gusta sentirse complementado.

Naturaleza Expresiva:
Es consistente. Se expresa en la línea recta, la atención al detalle, la seguridad. Ama lo que afirma y confirma, la propiedad y la ley que ampara.

Talento Natural:
Es mente de pensamiento deductivo. Se expresa como pensador independiente, con autoridad y lealtad, generalmente en actividades exclusivas, más dependiente de la intuición que de la razón. Recibe aumento en tareas que requieren meditación, inspiración, inmersión en las profundidades del ser y de las cosas. Ama lo complejo y lo elevado, lo que se siente y lo que se presiente.
Podría destacar en profesiones como científico, profesor, ocultista, escritor, horticultor, inventor, abogado, actor, analista o líder religioso.

Número de Suerte: 5

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Danusi and the Silver Forest

Danusi and the Silver Forest

It begins to snow. A snow star sticks in my glove. I taught to Danusi.
- Who makes those stars thus?, Danusi asked.
- How who? You do not know, The Queen of Snows in her Kingdom.
- And Sniezyczki helped him?, Danusi asked.
- Sure the flowers of the winter have a very important roll.
Soon in the sky appeared a beautiful bird
- You have seen, when this bird flies sees itself very different from other birds. Imagine that this bird puts gold eggs, and of these they are born gold foots. Watch the trees.
I indicated to Danusi where it was the bird. She turned around and watched as the bird moved away between the silver trees. Danusi was astonished when occurring account that the forest in which meet was of silver. The night arrived and began to rain. Danusi and I took our shelters and followed with the trip.
Krystyna Lucyna Obrzut De Rosales

środa, 10 marca 2010

The Luminous Wheel

The Luminous Wheel

When I was 5 years old, and lived in Wolow, Poland. I had a very strange encounter. It was the night of Christmas and everything was covered with snow. To the midnight I went to the garden to watch the stars, the sky was cleared, and between the stars I observed a luminous wheel of yellow color.
I remained hypnotized watching that strange object. This one moved as if it was dancing in the sky. I liked much, and cheered me to have seen that.

Krystyna Lucyna Obrzut De Rosales

wtorek, 9 marca 2010

My Dreams: Golden Night

Golden Night

Once I dreamed that it had contact with beings of another planet, who had form of reptiles. Well, tonight I dreamed again about these beings, they said to me that this was not a dream but that he was real. They took me planet to another, this star was very great, 800 times greater than the Earth. Already in its planet, I was in a place very different from the Earth. In addition, I had another clothes, a dress made of diamonds and precious stones. The floor of this planet was of a blue color and was done of a stone very hard. There were very strange constructions, were like strengths. I said to him to one of the extraterrestrial ones who its planet was very beautiful. Soon I asked its name to him, and it responded to me: "My name is Azizi, and here in this planet we have our own language, in addition we did not use system of writing, single the mind". Later I asked to him: How it is the life here, and it responded to me: "Here single one works with the mind, your hands do not have to do nothing, thinks about which you want and one will be fulfilled. You can change of form or of color, you can imaginarte be younger and automatically it becomes reality. Here there isn’t factories nor no contamination. Our ships are constructed with another type of technology. In addition we did not ingest foods here. We breathed energy and that is our food". The form of life in this planet surprised much to me. He was much more advanced that the Earth. Also it said to me that the Earth was dying and that it depended on the human beings in saving it. And that few are the people who are invited to know this new planet. It said to me that I was one of the chosen ones. And that could bring to my family and my friends to live in this planet. Soon they returned me to my bed, they took leave saying to me Until Soon, and finally I awoke.

Krystyna Lucyna Obrzut De Rosales