wtorek, 6 kwietnia 2010

My Dreams: The Golden City

The Golden City
One night I dreamed that I was in a lake surrounds to a house in the field. It was beautiful, but two people appeared and they said to me that I leaves the lake and that crosses a mountain that indicated. I was and crossed the mountain that was very high.
When crossing all the mountain I saw an immense beach. The sun shone, and much heat ago. The water of this beach was liquid gold. It was a mixture of gold with water.
I approached the beach much more, I entered the sea and my body was transformed into a virtual form. I watched myself and I was surprised. Soon, the water a great lion left.
Later I woke up.
This dream with the life of the man can be compared. The lake symbolizes the state in which is a person, the mountain is the obstacle that is due to cross for being able to arrive at the objective. The gold sea is the wealth and the lion is the wisdom.

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