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The Queen Krysia and the Linen Forest

The Queen Krysia and the Linen Forest
Krysia was a young and very beautiful queen who reigned the city of Linen, a gigantic and surrounded city by a thick forest of immense trees. In addition in the center to this city there was a very beautiful and crystalline lake. The settlers of this city lived and harmony peacefully. Most of them they worked in the field, seeding and harvesting diverse plants and vegetables. Others were retailers and traveled from city to city to sell the products that the city of Linen offered. A day queen Krysia went away to take a walk to the forest. While she walked saw beautiful flowers of different colors, but soon she saw that some of these were dead. She continued walking until one was a group of sprocket wheels. One of the sprocket wheels fixedly watched Krysia, and recognizing it said it to him: - My more warm greetings for you queen Krysia, the animals of this forest we are in favor very glad of its visit, but we wanted that it helps us with a problem that we have. When the retailers cross this way always problems for many animals mistreat many plants causing that we lived in this place. We wanted that the retailers go by another way of the forest - Queen Krysia after to have listened the sprocket wheel said to him that she herself was going to solve the problem.
On the following day the queen ordered the retailers who cross by a way different from the forest, besides to give a message to all the settlers of the city: “To always take care of to the nature because of her we were born and in her we lived".
The retailers asked excuses the queen and promised to cross by another way of the forest. And from that day, all the animals of the forest lived and tranquillity peacefully.
The End
Krystyna Obrzut

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