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My Memories: Bucharest, Romania, Autumn of 1980

Bucharest, Romania, Autumn of 1980
I traveled to Romania of vacations. I was in Bucharest, was afternoon like the 18:00 p.m.. A friend said me to go to the commercial center because he had to buy some things to eat. I accompanied him and we were with street car until the commercial center.
There I said to him that I would wait for him while he was going to buy. I was thirty minutes hoping. I went to a park in where there was not much people. There strange mountains appeared to me. Each mountain had a height of 6 meters approximately. It was like a city. I walked and I entered myself between mountains. Soon I saw that in the top of each mountain there was a house with lights. I asked myself who would live in those houses, because there were stairs no to be able to arrive at the top of each mountain. I did not saw people there. Everything was of white color by the snow that fell. I wanted to follow there but my friend was hoping to me. So I was from there.
I told to my friend the happened thing him and when I took him to the place, but the mountains no were. It was a quite strange event. For a long time I kept the secret, but now I am counting it.

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